Hey there, I'm Tiffany! A travel photographer based out of North Georgia. More often than not you can find me driving through the Appalachian Mountains with a camera in my lap; searching for new camp spots, swimming holes to jump in or just anything that involves being outdoors. When I'm not doing that, I'm at home working and editing...

           Whether you stumbled upon my page just out of curiosity or you're in search of someone to capture something special, I'm happy you're here!


             First off let me start by saying, this is something I care very deeply about. Not just the photographs I capture, but the experiences and the amazing people I get to meet along the way. The last few years I traveled more than I could have ever imagined. Within those few years, I met some of the most incredible people (now some of my best friends). Crazy enough, most of those people I met were through Instagram! Each and every one of them being such unique and cool people. But the one thing that made all of that possible was picking up my camera about six years ago. 

              I never knew the kind of adventure I was about to embark on before I picked up my camera, it became an outlet for my creativity that I still strive to perfect and experiment with to this day and forever will. I fell in love with vast landscapes, backpacking through rivers, desert slot canyons... you name it. Having my camera brought me to all of those amazing places and gave me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. Three week long road trips became common. Camping and backpacking across the country, meeting and working with so many new people along the way. . . It became the most important part about this journey for me.

             Capturing experiences for others to enjoy and cherish for the years following is the best gift I could ever be apart of; the endless love and happiness shared on a wedding day, engagements beneath beautiful crashing waterfalls, running through fields with new friends, capturing the sunset glow behind their never ending smiles. . . These are the moments I live for and always will. 

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